Q: What differentiates you from other bands we may be looking at?

A: We’re known for a very diverse repertoire that includes many songs not normally covered by dance orchestras. We felt that, while it’s important to play the dance classics that get everyone up on the floor, there was a lot of vital music being ignored by other dance orchestras. And when we play these songs, we make sure they sound true to the original recording, not as if they are the "wedding band" version. Another difference is that Dave Ivaz, who formed and leads The Dave Ivaz Orchestra, is one of Chicago’s most respected guitarists. He’s worked with many international headliners, done Broadway shows when they come to Chicago, etc. Dave’s standards for quality are high, and this guarantees you of the highest levels of professionalism and musicianship.

Q: What type of stage set-up do you have?

A: Our prices always include our expert sound and lighting engineer, who ensures that band volume levels are always appropriate to what’s going on at the time. We typically arrive early enough so that all sound and lighting equipment is set up well in advance of the starting time for ceremony or cocktails—and long before guests are in the room. Our sound system is a high-end one that includes the same type of speakers major touring groups use. You can hear the difference. It’s also very compact, and we deliver terrific sound while using minimal space—our entire 10-piece orchestra only requires a space 10-12 feet deep by 20-24 feet wide.

Q: What type of presentation do you have?

A: Our presentation is very elegant and sophisticated, while still being fun. All band members and our engineer wear formal attire. Our vocalists have wireless microphones, allowing us to bring the show onto the dance floor for a high-level of energy and interaction that’s fun for all.

Q: Do you provide ceremony music for weddings?

A: Not only do we provide ceremony music, we take pride in offering different options so that your ceremony is as unique as you are. These can range from our standard package of flute and piano, to violins, string quartets, harpists, celtic folk duos and more.

Q: Do you provide master-of-ceremony services?

A: In addition to delivering impeccable musicianship, Dave is an expert master-of-ceremonies. Complete emcee services are provided at no charge, and we will meet with you in advance of your event to go over your schedule, toasts or award presentations, etc. For weddings, Dave announces the bridal party and can help line the bridal party up for their entrance.

Q: How much do you cost?

A: We offer a variety of packages to suit varying needs and budgets. For a complete price list, give us a call or e-mail us with your requirements and budget requirements. You’ll find we’re friendly and flexible!